101 Sample Day-to-Day Schedule for Education Theme

Observation Essay Education
Rhetorical Analysis Education
Rhetorical Bibliography Education
Group Presentations Education
Public Project Education
schedule with links to readings


M August 27:
Diagnostic and course introduction; observation assignment; how do you feel about your college education?

TH August 30:
Reading strategies; annotation; summary; higher education
DUE: Read DIY U Introduction (pp. vii-xiv) and “History” (pp. 1-23)

M September 3:
Labor Day Holiday – No class!

TH September 6:
Summarizing ethically and accurately; observation
DUE: Site location and plan
Read and take notes on DIY U, “Economics” (49-78); “Class of 2012 faces harsh reality of college expenses”

M September 10:
Observation exercise; peer review
Read, annotate, and summarize “The Prestige Chase is Raising College Costs”(Summary #1)
Read and annotate “How in the World Did College Costs Rise 15%”

TH September 13:
Observing behavior; group work
DUE: Read: DIY U: “Sociology”
Site Visit #1 Notes
Revised draft of Summary #1, “The Prestige Chase Is Raising College Costs”

M September 17:
Preparing for the second visit; peer review
DUE: Read and annotate “’Academically Adrift’”
Study Finds Large Numbers of College Students Don’t Learn Much”
Read, annotate, and summarize “’Academically Adrift’: The News Gets Worse and Worse” (Summary #2)

TH September 20:
Midterm review
DUE: DIY U: “Computer Science”
Visit #2 Notes
Revised draft of Summary #2, “ ‘Academically Adrift’: The News Gets Worse and Worse”

M September 24:
Individual Conferences
DUE: Draft of Observation Essay

TH September 27:

M October 1:
Rhetorical Analysis
DUE: Read DIY U: Independent Study
Copy of public document you plan to analyze
Observation Essay, revised draft

TH October 4:
Rhetorical Analysis
DUE: Read and annotate “Rhetorical Analysis” (handbook) “Composition Toolbox”
“Standardized Testing and its Victims”
“DC School Cheating Report”

M October 8:
Fall Break – No Class!

TH October 11:
DUE: Draft of Rhetorical Analysis Essay

M October 15:
Research Project; Preparing for the library
DUE: Read and annotate “Bullying Widespread in US Schools”
“Cyber Bullying Defies Traditional Stereotype”
Rhetorical Analysis Essay, revised draft

TH October 18:
Library Research Day: Meet in the library classroom

M October 22:
Rhetorical bibliographies
DUE: 2+ sources, read and annotated

TH October 25:
Library Research Day: Meet in the library classroom

[Friday, October 26: Last day to withdraw from a class with a grade of W]

M October 29:
MLA citation
DUE: 3+ sources, read and annotated

TH November 1:
Group presentations, peer review
DUE: Draft of Rhetorical Bibliography

M November 5:
Group conferences

TH November 8:
Group time
DUE: Rhetorical Bibliography, revised draft

M November 12:
Public writing; group presentations

TH November 15:
Public writing; group presentations
DUE: Read and annotate “Fear of Being Useful”

M November 19: Public writing; group presentations
DUE: Model for your public writing assignment
“Half a Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste”
“Humanities Need to Get Off the Back Foot”

TH November 22:
No Class; Thanksgiving Break!

M November 26:
Peer Review
DUE: Draft of Public Writing Assignment

TH November 29:

M December 3:
The Reflection
DUE: Public Writing Assignment, revised draft

TH December 6:
Final Review
DUE: Reflection

Saturday, December 8:

M December 10:

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