102 Sample day-to-day schedule

Course Number
EN 102 Course Title Composition II
Website: http://muweb.marymount.edu/~mrippy
Fall Semester 2009
Name of Instructor Marguerite Rippy

Project I - Primary Source Analysis, Oral Presentation and related assignments*………………………20%
Project II - Literary Analysis and related assignments *…………….……………………………………20%
Project III - Secondary Source Analysis (Proposal, Bibliography) & Oral Presentation*……………20%
Project IV - Argument Research Essay and related assignments………………………………………………20%
Midterm and Final Exams…………..………………………..……….………………………………….20%

* Related assignments may include oral presentations, summaries, essays, exercises, annotated bibliographies, online activities, revisions, and/or visual aids. Participation will account for 10% of each project grade.

Weekly Schedule
Week 1
Introduction to EN 102: The 1930s
Listen to Vintage News: 1938 CBS News Roundup at Old Time Radio website (worksheet)

Discuss role of radio and news broadcast worksheet
Homework: Read Project 1 online assignment sheet and use OTR website and UVA Crossroads project to find evidence of one other 1938 event that interests you and bring evidence to class on 9/1.

Week 2
Discuss Project 1; Images of 1938
Homework: Summarize and respond to1938 CBS News Roundup (see link above)
Last day to add course

2 page summary & response due; Library workshop 1
Homework: Locate a primary source that adds to your understanding of American life in 1938; post outline of essay 1 on Blackboard GROUP (not class) Discussion Board by 5pm 9/7 (Monday)

Week 3
Peer Review Essay 1 Draft: (Analysis of Primary Sources—bring 2 copies with sources and possible introduction w/thesis statement to class)
(See Hacker Section C1-C2 on Planning and Drafting)
Karol, Monica, Noel, Tommy, Asia, Hessa, Cardina, Layal, Michael, Breanna

Peer Review of Essay 1 Draft (Analysis of Primary Sources—bring 2 copies with sources and possible introduction w/thesis statement to class)
(See Hacker Section C1-C2 on Planning and Drafting)
Natalie, Andrea, Vinay, Diego, Cyndi, Julianne, David, Alex, Jehrica
Homework: Read intro. essay in 1930s ("Rise of the Common Man") and Hacker MLA-4

Week 4
Discussion of Oral Presentations (bring outline and handouts) and documenting sources
in Groups
Homework: Read “Radio in the 1930s: An Overview) on Blackboard

Essay 1 Due; Oral Presentations on Major Events, Politics & Entertainment

Week 5
Oral Presentations on Major Events, Politics & Entertainment

Oral Presentations on Major Events, Politics & Entertainment
Discussion of Essay 1 grading rubric and revision options
Homework: Read "Horse Thief" and answer questions for discussion in class

Week 6
Discuss Project 2 and "Horse Thief": Analyzing plot, character, point of view in selected readings
Homework: Reading Handouts (see Reading Questions)

Midterm Review
Essay 1 Rewrites Due, attach original graded copy and any print sources

Week 7
Midterm Exam (in class)
Homework: Post Essay 2 Outlines with Introduction on Blackboard Group Discussion Board by 10/13; Read Hacker Sections C3-C4

Analyzing plot, character, point of view in films
Homework: Home viewing of The Glass Menagerie(1973) starring Katherine Hepburn/Sam Waterston or (1987) with Joanne Woodward/John Malkovich OR The Women (1939) with Joan Crawford/Norma Shearer.
Read "The Hollwyood Studio Sytem Adapts to Sound" (280-93); Respond to 1 outline in your group by 10/16

Week 8
Review Midterm Exams (Midterm Grades Available)
Homework: Read Hacker Sections C3-C4; draft Essay 2

Peer Review Draft of Essay 2 (Literary Analysis 2 copies) (Hacker Sections C3-C4)

Week 9
Peer Review Draft of Essay 2 (Literary Analysis 2 copies)
Homework: read "Migrant Youth" (101-09) on Blackboard

Midterm Conferences
Homework: Read "Martians Invade the Airways" (207-222)

Week 10
Essay 2 Due with Works Cited page(sample) and any extra credit
Listen to War of the Worlds—Meet in Reinsch Auditorium, outside guests are welcome!
Homework: Read "The World of Tomorrow" (332-338)

Discuss Project 3; Guest speaker, Caitlin Rizzo
Homework: Read "The Trials of the Scottsboro Boys" (246-60) and "Gangsters & G-Men" (261-268) (handouts)
Post Final Project Topic and types of sources on the Blackboard CLASS (not Group) discussion board before 5pm.

Week 11
Library Instruction Session (meet in Library Classroom)
Homework; Narrow research idea, draft a 1 paragraph Topic Statement for Blackboard GROUP discussion board, post by 5pm Sunday 11/8

Discuss Project 4: applying secondary sources to primary sources & constructing an argument. Bring at least 2 primary sources for final project topic with intro to project topic (including thesis statement)
Homework: Finish reading packets, bring to class on Friday; fill out writing profile questions

Week 12
Developing a working draft & bibliography; Discuss Oral Presentations and last set of Readings (bring to class)
Homework: Post 3 sample annotations with a summary/analysis of their usefulness. List sources in MLA format to Blackboard Group by Monday, at 5pm

3 annotated Sources Due on Blackboard GROUP board
Peer Review Draft of Proposal and Annotated Bibliography (bring 2 copies)

Week 13
Oral Presentations

Proposal and Annotated bibliography due (Project 3) with any Extra Credit
Oral Presentations
Homework: Post draft of final project introduction to Blackboard Writing Group by 11/29; Read (Hacker 329-41, 349)

Week 14
Peer Review: Drafts of Final Project — post on Blackboard, get feedback either online or in person by scheduled appointment

Final Exam Review; Final Project Due
Change to Project 4 grading policy: attached key source (highlighted or marked to indicate key passages) and incorporated feedback from instructor (either online or in person) are worth 15 points on final project in lieu of peer review session.

Handouts as provided in class or on Blackboard
Hacker, Diane. A Writer's Reference. (retained from Composition I)

Bibliography: The following books on the 1930s are all available in the MU Library. Browse the Reserve Reading binder at the Circulation Desk as well for resource ideas, and don't forget to look for both primary and secondary sources.

Against the Odds: The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance. Library Call #AV NX6538 .N5 A3 1998 Video
All-American Ads of the 1930s; AT MU, REF NC998.5.A1 A135 2003
As We Saw the Thirties. Ed. Rita Simon, 1967.
The Best of the Best American Short Stories, 1915-1960. Ed. Martha Foley, 1952.
Costantino, Maria. Fashions of a Decade: The 1930s. 1992.
Curly Top Stars Shirley Temple. 1935. AV PN 1997 .C89 2000 Video
Documenting America, 1935-43. Eds. Fleischauer and Brannan, 1988.
The Story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt AV VR973.9 .F35 R66 1991 Fraser, Steve and Gary Gerstle, eds. The Rise and Fall of the New Deal Order, 1930-1980. 1989.
Galbraith, John Kenneth. The Great Crash. 1961.
Grapes of Wrath 1940. AV PN1997 .G73 1996 Video
A History of American Life: The Age of the Great Depression, 1929-1941. Eds. Arthur M. Schlesinger and Dixon Fox. 1948.
The History of the Comics Part 1 covers Katzenjammer Kids — Betty Boop — Little Orphan Annie — Popeye — Tarzan — Gasoline Alley — Dick Tracy — Flash Gordon — The Phantom. AV PN6710 .H58 1990 Part 1 Video
Jazz A film by Ken Burns. AV ML3508 .J378 2000 Video Parts 1-10
The Jazz Singers Smithsonian collection, 1919-1994. Set of 5 CDs. AV ML3508 .J39 1998
Kirkendall, Richard S. The United States 1929-1945: Years of Crisis & Change. 1974.
The Making of the New Deal: The Insiders Speak. Ed. Katie Louchheim. 1983.
McElvaine, Robert, Ed. The Great Depression. 1984.
—-. The Depression and New Deal: A History in Documents. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2000.
Michael, George. Handout. 1935.
Oates, Joyce Carol. The Best American Essays of the Century. Boston, 2000.
Patterson, James, Ed. Paths to the Present: Interpretive Essays on American History since 1930. 1975.
Peacock. John. Fashion Sourcebooks: The 1930s. 1997.
Poulsen, Ellen. Don't Call Us Molls: Women of the John Dillinger Gang. (On Reserve)
Terkel, Studs. Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression. 1970.
The Story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (VIDEO) 1991 Library Call # AV VR973.9 .F35 R66
Watkings, T. H. The Hungry Years. 1999.

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