1960s Online Resources - History and Primary Documents

Sixties Overview

  • American Cultural History of the 60s A good place to start for a generic overview of the decade, this site from the Kingwood College Library contains information on various features of life and culture in the 1960s. The page also contains links to sites offering more specific information on the decade.
  • Photographs of the Sixties Photographer Lisa Law presents her collection of photographs from the 1960s. Part of the Smithsonian Institute's American history website, these photos depict many artists, musicians, places, and events of the era.
  • The 60s Project - UVA A collaborative site containing personal narratives of life in the 1960s, including diaries and journals. Links to related sites are also included.
  • The Inflation Calculator A useful tool that determines the comparative value of money in specific years, allowing for inflation.
  • Prelinger Archive — A fascinating collection of over 45,000 digitized ephemeral films, many from the 1960s, in education, advertising, and industry.
  • The Authentic History Center A collection of primary sources materials in popular culture of the decade, including images and audio

Civil Rights

  • Black History Britannica Online provides a comprehensive introduction to Black History organized chronologically by era - events, people, culture, issues, and movements.
  • National Civil Rights Museum A brief overview of a museum dedicated to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Brief descriptions and summaries of cultural phenomena are included in the museum's virtual tour.
  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project A collaboration of Stanford University, the King Estate, and the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, this Papers Project is a large-scale research effort to make public King's correspondence, speeches, sermons, and unpublished manuscripts.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr: A LIFE Tribute LIFE Magazine's online tribute to Dr. King features pictures and cover photographs.
  • The King Center The website of the official memorial for Martin Luther King Jr. Texts, videos, and audio samples of King's speeches are offered on the site. A biography and timeline of King's life are available as well. The majority of the materials offered are in video or audio format.
  • Voices of the Civil Rights Era This site contains sound clips from John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X concerning the civil rights movement of the sixties.
  • Malcolm X Research Site The site offers a comprehensive introduction to Malcolm X, including a chronology of his life and tragic murder, a bibliography and "webliography," a guide to his spoken and written words, and a study guide.
  • FBI Files on Malcom X Under the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI has released materials on its investigation into Malcolm X's life and death. Over 4000 pages of original documents are available on this site.
  • Martin Luther King Online The site offers a database of King's speeches, sound and video clips, a biography, and a list of other relevant websites.
  • Malcolm X A collection of files and documents associated with Malcolm X's death.
  • Malcolm X Assasination The evidence from Malcolm X's murder is compiled on this website. Photos, an interview with his widow Betty Shabazz, and eyewitness accounts are included.
  • Malcolm X's Speeches Malcolm X's earlier, more controversial speeches are available in audio files on this site.

The Presidency

  • The White House: John F. Kennedy Profile Written by the White House staff, this brief biography highlights the career of President John F. Kennedy. Related links are included.
  • The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection The National Archives and Records Administration's collection of records on the assassination.
  • John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address This site features President Kennedy's Inaugural Address and biographical information. Links for further research are included.
  • Presidents.com: John F. Kennedy A brief biography and timeline of President Kennedy's life. A useful selection of additional resources is all provided.
  • Kennedy Assasination A hobbyist's site chronicling the theories and facts surrounding the Kennedy assassination. Articles exploring conspiracies and myths are included.
  • Nixon Library This official site of President Nixon's Library showcases a biography of Nixon and the first lady. The official transcripts of Nixon's public statements and documents are available online. Several bibliographies are available on the site for further research.
  • Lyndon Johnson Library and Museum The official Lyndon Johnson Museum website. Photographs, audio/video materials, and official documents are available online. The site also includes a biographical chronology of Lyndon Johnson's and Lady Bird Johnson's lives.
  • American Presidents: Life Portraits - Lyndon Johnson Briefly examines the life and impact of President Lyndon Johnson. Links for further research are included.

Vietnam War

  • The Vietnam War Internet Project A general site of Vietnam War resources and information, including documents, photos, articles, personal narratives, descriptions of military units, and links to outside websites.
  • History Central: The Vietnam War The site contains a chronology of the war's major events as well as casualty reports and pictures.

Space Programs

  • Space Exploration This site contains the full-text of the book Apollo Expeditions to the Moon edited by Edgar M. Cortright and published by NASA in 1975. The book is a collection of essays by various authors, including Apollo astronauts, who provide an account of the the Apollo space missions and the moon landing.
  • Apollo 11 Summary An excellent summary of the Apollo 11 mission. The preparation for the mission, the decision making process, and the actual mission itself are described in detail. In addition, animations of the event are available.

Protest and Counter-culture

  • Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers The homepage of Bobby Seale, founding member of the Black Panthers in 1966. Seale explains the activism of the Panthers, with a photo tour The site includes a list of Panther political prisoners and examples of Black Panther memorabilia.
  • The Psychedelic 60s This University of Virginia site on Literary Tradition and Social Change includes documents and discussion of various counter-culture movements of the 1960, including the role of drugs, music, and protests during this volatile period.
  • Free Speech Movement - U.C. Berkeley 1964-65 A Berkeley website describing the events of the Free Speech Movement that occurred from 1964-1965. Speeches, pamphlets, and official school memos from the protests are available. Actual video and sound recordings can also be accessed.
  • The 60s Protest Music A selection of music lyrics from popular songs of the 60s . Interviews with artists such as Bob Dylan are included. Many of the interviews are available in audio format.

Women's Movement

  • The Feminine Mystique - Chapter I "The Problem that Has No Name" This first chapter of Betty Friedan's book The Feminine Mystique examines the plight of wives during the late 1950s. Her analysis of their discomfort and dissatisfaction identifies many of the concerns of the 1960s Women's Movement.
  • Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement Several speeches, conversations, and articles from the late 60s highlight the contemporary arguments about feminism and women's rights. This site is part of Duke University's special library collections.
  • NOW's Statement of Purpose —The National Organization for Women, NOW, wrote a "statement of purpose" to define its organization's goals in 1966. The site contains this primary source document.
  • Scum Manifesto The site contains the text of Valerie Solanas's radical feminist manifesto, SCUM (The Society for Cutting Up Men) published in 1967.

Popular Culture Resources - 1960s


  • Ad Flip An enormous searchable database of advertisements dating back to 1940.


  • Bissonnette on Costume: A Visual Dictionary of Fashion Kent State University Museum site created by Anne Bissonnette providing a large database of images documenting the history of fashion.


  • Prelinger Archive — A fascinating collection of over 45,000 digitized ephemeral films in education, advertising, and industry.
  • Top 50 Movies of the Sixties — Based on votes taken by the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), this is a list of the best and worst movies released during the decade. Includes information on the movies' casts and producers as well as descriptions of the movies.
  • Oscar Winners of the 1960s
  • Film History of the 1960sThis comprehensive site by film critic and movie buff Tim Dirks provides extensive information about 60s cinema.

Pop Culture

  • 60s Culture — About.com website provides links to online information on 60s popular culture, events, and movements.
  • Sixties Toys — This hobbyist's personal website provides images and descriptions of toys popular during the decade.
  • Hippies on the Web — A web-index of links to 60s Hippie culture, including musicians, writers, and locales..
  • The Haight-Ashbury Scene — This site features the people, events, and places of this district of San Francisco, popular with Hippie culture of the 60s.
  • Timothy Leary Website — Started by Leary himself in 1994 (two years before his death), this website is devoted to Leary's work and controversial career. Includes a photo archive of his life (1920-1996).


  • Woodstock — This website provides an online tour of the 1969 Woodstock music festival. Includes a "tour" of the three-day festival, a list of bands and artists performing, photos, and anecdotes.
  • Hard Bop Homepage — "Hard Bop" was the latest evolution of jazz in the early 60s. This site examines the music and the musicians that defined this jazz genre.
  • Sixties Protest Music "The Sixties between the Microgrooves: Using Folk and Protest Music to Understand American History, 1963-1973" by Jerome L. Rodnitzky. An article published in the journal, Popular Music and Society, Winter, 1999.
  • Chronology of Rock in San Francisco—1965-1969 — Site sponsored by the Museum of the City of San Francisco documenting the 60s music scene in San Francisco.
  • Lyrics World A searchable database of song lyrics, including music from the 1960s.
  • The Internet Beatles Album An extensive site exploring many details of the Beatles' career, background, and music, including audio clips.


  • 60s Television This site provides links to online material about popular shows of the decade
  • 1960s Television History An extensive site documenting the history of television with images, advertising, and programming information from the T.V. Guide.


  • Andy Warhol Museum — The official site of the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh.

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"Ariel" (1965)
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"Fever 103'" (1965)
Ariel (1966)

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