1970s Online Resources - History and Primary Documents

70s Overview

American History - 1970-1979 Kingwood College Library site providing an overview of the 1970s. Site includes brief discussions of sports, art, music, books, fashion, and education, as well as relevant links and statistical information about the decade.

Timeline 1970-1979 — History.net provides this brief timeline of major events of the decade.

Nixon and Watergate

Nixon Presidential Materials Website provided by the National Archives and Records Administration, including descriptions of the White House tapes recorded during the Nixon presidency.

Watergate Web Links A collection of links to online sources, including primary materials, related to the Watergate scandal.

Nixon Impeachment The History Place website provides this historical account of Nixon presidential impeachment proceedings and includes the text of the articles of impeachment.

Time Magazine's Newsfile: Watergate A collection of articles published in Time during the 70s related to Nixon and the Watergate era.

Kent State Shootings, 5/4/70 — The archives of Kent State University library documenting the shootings at the Kent State campus on May 4, 1970, which left four college students dead.

Revisiting Watergate — From the online Washinton Post archives comes this detailed description of the Watergate scandal, its major players, unsolved mysteries (who is "Deep Throat?") and aftermath.

Richard Nixon's Resignation Speech


Three-Mile Island Interviews This PBS site related to the nuclear accident crisis of 1979 presents information and interviews collected by PBS as part of a documentary on the event.

Fact Sheet on Three-Mile Island Site maintained by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission provides a fact sheet on the accident at Three-Mile Island, including a useful bibliography and glossary.

Energy in the Seventies — This Oak Ridge National Laboratory U.S. Dept.of Energy site discusses scientific, environmental, and economic concerns in the search for energy during the 1970s.

Endangered Species Act of 1973 This page contains the text of the act that established the conservation program in the 1970s to protect endangered animals and plants.

Love Canal Collection This site provides access to documents and information from the archives of the State Univeristy of New York at Buffalo related to the environmental crisis at Love Canal.

History of Affluenza PBS site examining 70s attitudes toward consumption, growth, and environmental crises.


Vietnam War Timeline Part of the political site Vietnamwar.com, this page provides a timeline of war events in the 1970s, including the final years of the war and U.S. withdrawal.

Ending the Vietnam War Washington Post website page which provides an article by Henry Kissinger summarizes the focus of his book on the Vietnam War.

The Fall of Saigon A N.Y. Times site providing images and articles from 1975 documenting the collapse of the Vietnamese capital at the end of the Vietnam War.


Gerald Ford Museum and Library Online documents, photographs, and exhibits from the Gerald Ford Museum documenting Ford's presidency and events during the mid-1970s.

Photographs and Documents from the Jimmy Carter Library The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum website documenting the Carter presidency

The Pentagon Papers: The Secret War Article published on the Time/CNN site discussing the publication of these secret government doucments and their impact.

Roe vs. Wade Touro College website providing the full-text of the ground-breaking Supreme Court Case in 1973 legalizing abortion.

Spiro Agnew Resignation Speech The History Channel website provides this text of Vice President Agnew's resignation speech..

Iranian Hostage Crisis A summary of the events surrounding this event from the PBS web site.

Jimmy Carter's Inaugural Address
Additional Primary Sources


Prelinger Archives
A fascinating collection of over 45,000 digitized ephemeral films in education, advertising, and industry.

Time Magazine's Persons of the Year This Time magazine website provides the cover stories about persons of the year for the decade of the 1970s.

The Authentic History Center Collection of primary sources in 1970s popular culture, including images and audio

Decade of the Woman An essay by Dina Badaluco on the Learning Channel website, discussing popular images of women in the media during the decade.

Women's History -Sixties and Seventies Links to information about women's issues during the 1960s and 70s, covering a wide range of subjects from the ERA to Roe vs. Wade to economic equity; compiled by the HistoryNet website.

Popular Culture Resources - 1970s


Ad Flip An enormous database of advertisements dating back to 1940.

Art , Architecture, and Design

Seventies Suburbia — Photographer Bill Owens captures the spirit of 70s suburban life in this series of pictures shown at the San Jose Museum of Art in 2000. Several of the photos from the collection are shown here, with an accompanying article discussing the work and the photographer.

Photos of Seventies Designs — An archive of images of 70s design, including houses, cars, fashions, and furniture of the seventies.


History of 1970s Fashion

Costume Gallery Fashions of the 70s

Bissonnette on Costume: A Visual Dictionary of Fashion Kent State University Museum site created by Anne Bissonnette providing a large database of images documenting the history of fashion.


Film History of the 1970s This comprehensive site by film critic and movie buff Tim Dirks provides extensive information about 70s cinema.

1970s Film History and Academy Awards

MovieActors.com- Super Stars of the 1970's
Media and Print

Media History Timeline of the 1970s This University of Minnesota site offers a look at changes in media across the decade.


Song Lyrics An online, searchable database of song lyrics of the 70s as well as other decades.

Schoolhouse Rock — An online account of the pop culture educational cartoons of the 70s called Schoolhouse Rock. The site includes the lyrics of the songs about grammar, math, history, and science.

70s Preservation Society — Jim Thomas, an active DJ during the seventies, presents the pop culture information on this site, focusing especially on music of the decade.

Super Seventies Rock Site The site includes information on popular culture of the 70s, especially music and original reviews of albums and singles first appearing during the decade.

The Blank Generation: Punk in the 70s — This site celebrates the Punk Rock movement of the New York club scene with information, photos, and songs of the major musicians.

Seventies Music Legends — This site features information about musical superstars of the decade such as Jerry Garcia, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Roger Waters, and others.

Popular Culture

DeeT's 70s Page — This independently-run website features commercials, video clips, audio clips, and information about TV, radio, and other pop culture of the seventies.

Stuck in the Seventies — A personal website looking back at youth in the seventies. Cartoons, slang, retro parties, fads, teen idols, music, movies, TV, toys, and even a personal diary recreate the decade by one who lived it.

VH1 I Love the 70s This website, sponsored by the network that airs the current television program about the 70s, provides information on 70s popular culture.


Television History An extensive site documenting the history of television with images, advertising, and programming information from the T.V. Guide.

Top T.V. Shows of the 70s

T.V. and Radio of the 70s

MaryTyler Moore This site provides articles published in the 70s about the hit television program.

1970 T.V An informational site which includes lists of top television shows by year, including Emmy awards.


N.Y. Yankees - A team-sponsored site providing history and timeline of important events inYankee baseball history.

1970s Sports - An informational site listing statistics covering a variety of sports, by year.

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