2nd Reading Response

Write a paragraph (write for 5 minutes without your book) answering the following question: In your opinion, why did “Oscar Redemption Program” fail. In your answer, use two specifics (examples) from the text that show you read.

Reading responses are graded on a 10, 5, 0 scale.
•10 – The response makes it clear that the student read the closely and carefully enough to include at least 2 specific examples.
•5 – The response illustrates that the student spent some time with the reaading, but not enough (perhaps s/he skimmed). The response may contain major misreadings or, more likely, be too vague and general, including one but not two specifics.
•0 – The response doesn’t indicate that the writer spent much if any time with the reading beyond the first paragraph. Most likely, it includes no specifics.

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