Any Theme

10% Summaries
15% Rhetorical Analysis
10% midterm exam (summary of an article)
15% First-Hand Response to Reading Essay
15% Source Essay
15% Public Project
5% Presentations
10% final exam (rhetorical analysis of a source)

Week I
August 29

  • Introduction to course and theme
  • Diagnostic
  • Brainstorm course topic

September 1

  • “Rules of Writing”
  • Choose course topic
  • preresearch for narrow research topics - bring laptops to class
  • research groups assigned
  • See pages 4-5 in Handbook (on reading critically)

Week II
September 5

September 8

Week III
September 12:

September 15

  • Class canceled for observation

Week IV
September 19

  • Graded summaries returned
  • Sharing observation notes
  • From observation to thesis
  • Discuss reading (Group III's articles)
  • Group IV: two articles due

September 22

Week V
September 26

September 29

  • Class cancelled for conferences on observation essay

Week VI
October 3

October 6

Week VII
October 10

  • Fall Break

October 13

  • Project II: Rhetorical analysis assigned (choose any of the remaining 9 sources to analyze. It can't be a source on which you wrote a graded summary and it can't be a source you want to use in your source analysis essay)
  • See pages 235-250 in Handbook for information on Rhetorical Analysis (it is an ethos, logos, pathos approach, which isn't the only way to approach this assignment); if your students are writing a rhetorical analysis of a document that contains images or of a cultural artifact, see pages 251-266 for information on analyzing images.
  • Practice rhetorical analysis chart with sample source

October 17

  • Completed chart for rhetorical analysis of chosen piece due for group work: Discovering a thesis
  • Effective style and language - Write with Emphasis: see handbook pages 156-159
  • Emphasis
  • Parallel Sentences

October 20

  • Electronic draft of Project II: Rhetorical analysis due for instructor review
  • Project III: Source Analysis Essay assigned
  • Brainstorm additional research topics
  • See pages 25-26 in handbook on finding and narrowing a topic; page 29 on keyword searches; and pages 34-37 on finding internet sources
  • Effective style and language - Write Concisely; see handbook pages 151-153
  • Conciseness

Week IX
October 24

  • Library self-tour due
  • Meet in library

October 27

Week X
October 31

  • Draft of revised rhetorical analysis due for CTL review
  • Plagiarism tutorial due
  • Meet in library instruction room for instruction on using library databases

November 3

Week XI
November 7

  • Project II: Rhetorical analysis and reflection due (3 pages, 10% of final grade)
  • Class canceled for group conferences; bring in four copies of your overview for Source Analysis Essay and one copy of a summary/rhetorical discussion of your best source; have your sources handy
  • Group presentations assigned

November 10

Week XII
November 14

  • Presentation

November 17

  • Complete any final Presentations
  • Project III: Source Analysis Essay due (4 pages, 15% of final grade) - must have copies of all sources used submitted on blackboard or in hardcopy
  • Project IV: Public Writing and reflection on Project IV assigned
  • Effective style and language - Write with power: see handbook pages 146-150
  • Vary sentence lengths

November 21

November 24

  • Thanksgiving Break

Week XIV
November 28

  • Meet in computer lab: let’s write!
  • Genre conventions of public writing – discuss reading (an example of the genre students will be assigned to write in your class - possible genres include blog post, letter to the editor, psa. etc.)

December 1

  • Peer Review of Essay IV – round robin – have two copies of your essay
  • Reflection on peer review – next steps forward
  • Discuss refined thesis and reshaping draft for refined thesis
  • Students who miss this day will need to schedule an appointment at the CTL to get revision feedback on their essay – bring Project IV assignment, a copy of your essay, and the peer review guidelines

Week XV
December 5

December 8

  • 1 page reflection on Essay IV: Public Writing due
  • Course evaluations
  • citation work - bring a hard copy of your paper and copies of your sources

Saturday December 10
Final exam 10:00-12:30 room TBA - rhetorical analysis of article (15% of final grade)

December 12

  • 20 most common errors
  • Editing Project IV: Public Writing (if with Read, Writing, Gold – meet in computer classroom with an electronic copy of your draft and headphones)
  • Project IV due (4 pages, 15% of final grade) must have copies of all sources used submitted on blackboard or in hardcopy
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