Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases in revision. Revise sentences that repeat information, that contain vague adjectives (good, nice) or adverbs (really, very), or that contain unnecessary expressions (the fact of the matter).

Notice the difference revising for conciseness can make in writing.

a. The kind of apartment we are looking to rent is the kind that has hardwood floors and laundry facilities.

b. We are looking to rent an apartment with hardwood floors and laundry facilities.

Revise the following sentences for conciseness.
1. The skirt is a muted brownish color with buttons that are black.
2. The University of Kentucky is known as a flagship university. It is known as a flagship university
because of the research and teaching that occurs there.
3. I have a very nice dog due to the fact that I have been sure to make a lot of time to train her.

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