Day To Day Schedule With Linked Assignments For Katherine Boo

15% Essay I: Academic Analysis of Literature
15% Midterm Exam (academic analysis of literature)
15% Essay II: Position Essay on Students Student Source Use Using Class Readings
20% Project III: Evaluative Bibliography of Research on Topic Discovered in Boo's writing (plus research logs and/or reflections)
5% Project III Research Presentation
15% Essay IV: Position Paper on Topic Discovered in Strout's Writing (using Project III research)
5% Final Exam panel presentation participation
General Description of Assignments
Sarah's description of how projects relate
Annotated Writing Studies Readings

Week 1
Jan 18
Introduction to the class
Discuss Doug Downs and Elizabeth Wardle “Teaching about Writing, Righting Misconceptions: (Re)Envisioning ‘First Year Composition’ as ‘Introduction to Writing Studies’” to explain class;
reflect on the question "What do I want to "transfer" in to EN 102 from EN 101: write, pair, share, list on the board

Week 2
Jan 22
read Katherine Boo Prologue: Between Roses

Jan 25
read Katherine Boo Chapter 1 Annawadi
Essay I: Academic Analysis of Literature assigned

Week 3
Jan 29
Read Katherine Boo Chapter 3 Sunil and Chapter 4 Manju

Feb 1
Read Read Katherine Boo Chapter 6 That Hole She Called a Window
students create list of topics to write about

Week 4
Feb 5
Read Katherine Boo Chapter 7 The Come-Apart and Chapter 8 The Master
Topics into themes
Worksheet on using textual evidence
sign-up for conferences

Feb 8
Class canceled for 20 minute conferences on Essay I
Draft of Essay I due at conference

Week 5
Feb 12
Les Perelman “Information Illiteracy and Mass Market Writing Instruction”
Reading Guide for Perelman
Reflection on academic reading
Essay II: Position Essay on Students Student Source Use Using Class Readings assigned

Feb 15
Essay I due (15% of final grade)
James M Lang “It’s not You”
Prepare for midterm

Week 6
Feb 19
Howard, Rebecca Moore, Tanya K. Rodrigue, and Tricia C. Serviss “Writing from Sources, Writing from Sentences”
Reading guide for "Writing from Sources"
An adaptable article worksheet by Rebecca Gibbs
See pages 100-103 for handbook info on plagiarism (may want to analyze this into in light of Moore et al.)

Feb 22
Ann M. Penrose and Cheryl Geisler “Reading and Writing without Authority”
Reading guide for Penrose and Gesiler
Study guide for project II source readings
Reflect on your own source use in college using readings/towards a project II thesis

Week 7
Feb 26
Midterm exam (15% of final grade)

March 1
Chris Anson “Fraudulent Practices: Academic Misrepresentations of Plagiarism In the Name of Good Pedagogy”
Reading guide for Chris Anson
Towards a Project II draft
Sample student theses for project II
Whole-class workshop sign-up

Week 8
March 5
Draft of Essay II due for instructor comments
Whole class workshop
See pages 262-268 in the handbook (for in text citations)

March 8
Whole class workshop
(students not workshoped will get comments electronically)

Week 9
Spring Break

Week 10
March 19
Read Read Katherine Boo Chapter 12 Nine Nights of Dance
Project III: Evaluative Bibliography of Research on Topic Discovered in Boo's writing assigned
Create list of topics discovered in Boo's writing to research. Ideas might include police brutality (in the US or Mumbai), health care pay in developing countries, suicide and poverty, real estate development corruption.
See pages pages 269-300 (on works cited formatting)

March 22
Essay II due (15% of final grade)
Read Katherine Boo Chapter 14 The Trial
Develop research questions for topics discovered in Boo

Week 11
March 26
Library research day - Meet in library with a list of 3 to 5 keywords on topic
Sign-up with your refined research topic

March 29

Week 12
April 3 (monday classes meet)
Read Katherine Boo Chapter 15 Ice and Chapter 17 A School, a Hospital, A Cricket Field
bring in two sources from Academic Search Complete for workshop
workshop on sources for project III
sign-up for group conferences (you'll be placed into 3-5 person groups based on your refined research topic. The sole purpose of these groups are to share research sources)

April 5
No class – 30 minute group conferences on research
draft of evaluative bibliography due - bring four copies to conference (1 of 3 annotations should be written)
peer review of evaluative bibliography

Week 13
April 9
Presentations (5% of final grade)
Grading for presentation
Essay IV: Position Paper on Topic Discovered in Boo's writings (using Project III research) assigned

April 12
Sign up for Final Exam panel presentations on project III

Week 14
April 16
Evaluative bibliography due (20% of final grade)
finish presentations
From research on essay III to position for Essay IV

April 18 Elizabeth Strout's visit

April 19
Writing workshop – bring your sources a general or detailed outline and your flashdrive!
Get feedback as you draft from your instructor

Week 15
April 23
Draft of Essay IV due for instructor comments
Whole class workshop

April 26
Whole class workshop

Week 16
April 30
Whole class workshop
Instructor comments returned

May 3
Citation analysis of student’s own paper
Reflection on class and class evaluations

Sat. May 5 1:30-4:00
Final Exam panel presentations on project III (5% of final grade)
Essay IV due (15% of final grade)
Assessment submission

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