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Project IV – 15%

Public project (1-2 page Digital Story Script) and Digital Story Write-Up (2 pages)
Students draw on the individual and group annotated bibliography to create a digital movie (based on a written script), that is aimed at the audience of their chosen non-profit organization audience and that might be useful in the non-profit’s mission of education, advocacy, or recruitment . These digital stories will support a thesis though this thesis most likely will not take a definitive position or offer a solution. Students can use their group’s research, but Project IV is an individual project.

Outcomes for EN 101 Public Project
•Integrate different ideas and arguments from various texts while make connections between texts and the world
•Focus the scope of a piece of writing
•Comprehensively explore an issue (questioning different viewpoints about an issue and understanding the larger implications of these viewpoints)
•Demonstrates an understanding of the complexities of issues in writing that incorporates nuance, qualification, etc.
•Respond appropriately to different kinds of rhetorical situations and audiences in part by controlling diction, tone, level of formality and content
•Distinguish between a writer’s words and ideas and those of sources

Two page explanation of the purpose of your digital story, the position taken in support of this purpose, the intended audience, as well as the kind of choices you are making in your video that support this purpose and appeal to this audience.

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