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Summary (each summary is worth 5% of final grade)

Write a 300-500 word summary and argument analysis of the article. This critical summary will consist of one or two paragraphs that summarize the main and supporting points of the article as well as one paragraph that evaluates the article for its logos (logic and evidence), ethos (trustworthiness of author, including tone) and pathos (emotional appeals).

• Master pre-reading and reading strategies for different texts
• Understand how genre and intended audience shapes reading and writing
• Determine the logic to the ordering of ideas in a text and identify transitions as signposts to the different parts of texts
• Annotate a reading by identifying main ideas and supporting evidence
• Recognize the effect of perspective and purpose on tone, organization, and vocabulary choice
• Summarize accurately

To complete this assignment successfully

  • Read and annotate the article, noting in the margins the main purpose of each paragraph
  • Underline the main points of the article and number the evidence that supports it
  • Try making an outline of the article
  • Determine the article’s thesis (implicit or explicit)
  • Make a list of what to include in your summary
  • Evaluate the evidence provided. Is it fair? Does this evidence ignore important aspects of the discussion? Evaluate the tone of the article and the effectiveness of the emotional appeals.
  • Draft, paying careful attention to attribution of ideas and/or citations
  • Review paraphrases
  • Revise



  • Do you correctly surmise the thesis of the article (explicit or implicit)?
  • Do you include all the main points for this thesis?
  • Do you not emphasize interesting side points or interesting evidence?
  • Do you differentiate (if necessary) between more important and less important points, between main points and evidence?
  • How clearly do you present the thesis of the article and the supporting points?
  • Have you represented the author's arguments fairly, without including your own opinion?
  • Have you used attributive tags to discuss the author's ideas?
  • Have you evaluated the evidence presented in the article?
  • Have you used your own words when you paraphrase? (avoid quoting, instead paraphrase)


  • Is your summary organized logically so as to clearly present the argument of the article (without necessary mirroring the original order of the article)?
  • Do you have one or two paragraphs summarizing the article and at least one paragraph evaluating the evidence?
  • Have you used transitions to smoothly link the evidence to the main points?


  • Is the summary typed in Times Roman 12 inch font?
  • Is the essay clean stylistically, using concise and clear sentences, strong verbs and sentence variety?
  • Is the essay grammatically correct?

summary grading criteria

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