Discuss Junot 51 75

Questions to understand
What is Lola like?
What new information do we find out about Mami?
What is the causing conflict between Lola and her Mom?
Why does Lola run away?
What is it like living at her boyfriend’s house on the Jersey Shore?
Why doesn’t she keep running when her mother shows up?
What is her life like in the Dominican Republic?

Questions to Interpret
How is Lola different than the version of Lola we got when the novel was being told from Oscar’s point of view?
The main conflict is this chapter is between Lola and her mother. We only get Lola’s point of view, and her point of view is pretty unflattering towards the mother. Can we think of evidence that might give us hints of her mother’s point of view or that might call into question Lola’s “bad Mom” narrative?
What is the feeling that Lola gets? Have we ever felt something like this? In your opinion, does this feeling lead her to good things or to bad things?
We can presume that even though this story is in 1st person, it is being retold to us by Yunior, who is the book’s (unreliable) narrator. I imagine that Lola told Yunior this story, and now we are hearing it from him in his best version of her voice. We’ll meet Yunior in tomorrow’s reading, but what about the story or perspective seems very “Yunior” to you, what about it seems similar to his version of Oscar’s story?
The end of the chapter is a mystery. Lola is about to hear stories about her Grandfather. Her feeling responds and she says she is about to begin? What do we make of this? (pages 205-210 tells of the rest of her time on the Island –read it if you are curious though it won’t answer the mystery).
Let’s read the way Haas and Flowers believes experienced writers read. Let’s use “rhetorical strategies.” What questions might we ask? Let’s list a few on the board and then turn to a partner and come up with one or two to share with the class.

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