Evaluative Bibliography With Research Blog

Project 3: Evaluative Annotated Bibliography (20% of course grade)

  • On Tuesday, Mar. 20, class meets in the Library Instruction Room (lower level of library) *

The topic for your annotated bibliography will come from A Visit from the Goon Squad. Look for a topic that will help you understand the complexity of Egan’s representation of an issue. We will spend time in class developing researchable questions and standards for evaluating sources.

For this project, you will show a high level of engagement with your sources. The final product for this assignment is an evaluative annotated bibliography. To help you complete this project, you will write weekly blog posts and summaries, concluding the process with the annotated bibliography.

The annotated bibliography will present five secondary sources that you will evaluate on how reliable, insightful, and relevant they are to each other and to your topic. Your grade will be based on how you engage with the sources, summarizing, evaluating and explaining them, and understanding the assumptions and values presented within each.

Your research blog (on our Blackboard site) is a way to keep track of your strategies, findings and successes as you search for sources for the research topic. You could use the blog to ask questions, to criticize, to agree and to engage with the source. You will record an entry for each week of the process, focusing on a different source each week. You will reflect on the credibility of a source, the intended audience and its usefulness to you in this project. Once a week you will also respond to the blogs of two other classmates, offering helpful strategies or ideas or insight, or questions.

Blog posts
Mar. 21, responses due Mar. 23
Mar. 28, responses due Mar. 30
Apr. 2, responses due Apr. 4

Mar. 23 – Summary of one source due online
Mar. 30 –Interpretive summary of another source due online
Apr. 3: Draft of bibliography – bring at least three entries to class
Apr. 13: Annotated Bibliography

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