From Research To Position

What do you find most interesting about your topic/issue as you researched? Think small or big; you could respond either with a list of information and/or ideas or with a category or two that organizes a list of information and/or ideas (a category would be β€œthe main benefits of peer review for ESL students include… .” and/or or β€œ the difficulties of enacting peer review with ESL students include … ”). Write as much as possible here.

What do you think your classmates will want to know about your topic? (maybe what they would be most surprised to learn)

List the different stances surrounding your topic (stances your sources take and/or argue against). Which one do you most agree with (note this may be a stance all your sources argued against)?

Is there something you want your readers to believe about this topic/issue?

List your own personal experiences about this topic?

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