Grading Rubric For Rhetorical Bibliography

Grading Rubric for each entry

Entry #1

Type of source:
Web page newspaper magazine scholarly article other

The citation uses correct MLA format.

The source is on the same narrowed topic as the other sources.
The source adds a particular dimension to our knowledge/ perspective.
The source is substantial in length, perspective, breadth, and/or depth.
The source is credible. It is published by a trustworthy organization, timely in its discussion, and fair in its argument. (Or, if the source is not substantial or reliable, is there some other reason to justify its presence in the bibliography?)
The source is annotated.

Summarized in a few sentences. The thesis and all one or two of the main points are included. Remember to paraphrase accurately and ethically.

Rhetorical Analysis
Identifies the purpose and context of the source.
Analyzes the rhetorical strategies of the source, looking at some of the following:
• Publication: source of the publication, purpose of the article, audience (of the publication), author,
• Article: structure, tone, reliability
• Rhetoric: types of evidence, opposing views, unanswered questions, unfair arguments, logos/ethos/pathos, and bias. You will have to determine which strategies are most important to discuss for each source.
The article is related the source to the other sources in the bibliography and t the project as a whole.

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