Group Discussions Of Sentimental Education

group discussion of Sentimental education pages 168-181

Discuss and report to class:
1) Do you like Yunior? Why or why not. Make a list of specific examples that point to his negative characteristics and that point to moments where he is more likeable or sympathetic.
2) Even though the chapter is about Oscar, it is told to us by Yunion in the 1st person. So it is as much about Yunior. What is Yunior struggling with in this part of his life (he may not know that he is struggling with these things, in part because it is told mostly from his 20 year-old perspective, but the readers can see what he can’t). Make a list below to share with the class.
3) When Yunior tells his story, his voice is different than when he tells Oscar’s and Lola’s stories (we’ve only had footnotes in the Oscar section, we have much less Spanish than in the Oscar or Lola sections!). What is distinctive here? Can you point to what is different in this section at the level of language?
4) What are the key topics, so far, of this chapter? Make a list for the class to discuss.

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