Guide For Project II Source Readings

Study guide for Project II sources. In pairs, write one-three sentence summaries of the articles below. Be ready to share with the class, and, as a class, we'll write a final 3-5 sentence summary of each article. Key ideas/terms from the articles are in parentheses.

Anson “Fraudulent Practices: Academic Misrepresentations of Plagiarism In the Name of Good Pedagogy” (citation practices in business and military and even in faculty teaching materials don’t match what we teach students)

James M Lang “It’s not You” (personal essay).

Les Perelman “Information Illiteracy and Mass Market Writing Instruction” (data smog, information illiteracy, standardized tests making the problem worse)

Randall McClure “Examining the Presence of Advocacy and Commercial Websites in Research Essays of First-Year Composition Students” ” (effect of web on reading, why students include quotes and information from advocacy and commercial sites as evidence in their papers )

Howard, Rebecca Moore, Tanya K. Rodrigue, and Tricia C. Serviss “Writing from Sources, Writing from Sentences,” (patchwriting; lack of summary, misunderstanding sources)

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