Image Narrative

Dr. Howe

Assignment 4: Personal Narrative

This assignment forms the first step in your research project. Choose an important or influential image from the Newseum Gallery of Pulitzer Prize-winnning photographs and write a personal essay that describes your response to it. Use the skills of close reading, honest observation, and critical analysis we've been developing throughout the term.

To complete this assignment effectively, you will want to summarize your image (project 1) and consider its larger meaning—for you, as well as in any other respect. You might consider context (where you first saw the image, what that environment was like) as well as personal memory (what does the image remind you of or suggest to you?) and larger significance (what ideas does the image generate?).

The best personal narrative essays are essays that treat the subject honestly, descriptively, and inventively. As I grade, I will be paying special attention to the quality of your writing. Use the Allende, Updike, and Fadiman essays as models.
This essay will provide a starting point for research about your image. 4-5 pages.

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