Image Summary Assignment

Dr. Howe

*Assignment 1: Summarize an Image (2 Pages)*

Choose one image from the list of approved images in your text (Baran, Pinkhassov, Sternfeld, or Parr) to summarize descriptively. In your summary, describe as many details as possible using clear and precise language; clearly distinguish your observations from your inferences. You'll want to pay very close attention to your observations for this assignment, ensuring that your inferences are in fact valid and based on accurate observations! As you draft and revise, be sure to consider the image's style, tone, and composition, in addition to its content. You should use techniques from the essays that we've read thus far, work by Dorothy Allison, Nick Hornby, and Guy Davenport, as models for your descriptive essay.

This assignment is geared to help develop your skills of close observation, inference, and descriptive precision. It is also designed to test your ability to observe the parameters of an assignment. 2 pages, MLA formatting throughout.

Draft Due date:
Bring two copies of your draft. Volunteer for full class workshop? Bring 21 copies of your essay.

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