In Class Time For Groups To Meet And Discuss Field Research

This is field research lite. The idea is to reinforce what they are learning in Discover - that research is not all books and articles and other people's written words. Each group designs, implements, and reports on ONE field research project. Because some of the groups won't have topics that cohere very well, they will need some help coming up with a small project on which to report.

This summer, when my students researched art and ethics, here were some of the field research possibilities they came up with:

Interview a Marymount education professor about the status of art education in the school.
Talk to a counselor in the Marymount counseling center about their training (or lack thereof) in art therapy.
Chose an "artistic" print advertisement, show it to students eating in the cafeteria, and ask whether the students consider the ad art, why or why not.
Sit at the Ballston metro and watch the demeanor of commuters for ten minutes. Play classical music over speakers for ten minutes and observe if there are any changes in the demeanor of commuters.
Have students in the class rate their stress level from 1-10. Ask them to draw a picture of something that makes them happy. Ask them to rate their stress level form 5-10.
Interview a Marymount nursing professor about what role s/he sees art and music therapy playing in health care.

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