Kirsten S Take Home Assignment For Pharmacy

Friday Online Assignment, 1/20/17

After reading “Pharmacy” in Olive Kitteridge, respond to the following prompts. Please be detailed in your answers and cite using MLA rules, when appropriate.

1. Who is Denise Thibodeau? Describe her appearance, manner, and interactions with the other characters in the story.

2. Why do you think Henry Kitteridge takes a special interest in Denise and the relationship she has with her husband Henry (Thibodeau)? Why do you think Olive is resistant to forming a relationship with the young couple?

3. What tragedy takes place that forever changes Denise’s life?

4.There is a significant moment in the story in which Denise foreshadows the tragedy before it occurs. What does she ask her boss Henry that hints to the reader the painful loss she is about to endure? Why do you think the author wanted to give the reader a glimpse into Denise’s future?

5. After reading the story, come up with three themes that you see running through the text. Give an example from the story that reflects each theme. Which theme can you connect to most? How do you see this theme play out in your own life?

6. Come up with your own question that you could ask your classmates about the story. It can be a question that either shows you understand the story or one that asks you to interpret something that happens in the story.

Remember to type and print out your responses. Bring your work to class on Tuesday.

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