Midterm Staff Grading Process

Procedures for Staff Grading Process

Below, this guide will outline the basic procedures for completing and grading midterm and final composition exams. You should find this to be a detailed directions list that will answer any questions you may have about how to handle exams before, during, and after their completion.

1) You will be provided with enough blue books and sign-up sheets for your students. These can be found in your mailbox in Butler prior to the exam date. These blue books will be numbered. The numbers on the blue books (for example, you receive books numbered 201-220) should correspond to the numbers on the sign-up sheet.

2) Once the exam day arrives, please take the blue books and corresponding sign-up sheet to class. Write your name clearly at the top of the sign-in sheet. Then, when students arrive, each one takes a blue book and matches the number on the book to the correct line on the sign-in sheet. They write their name clearly on the appropriate line. They do not put their names on the blue books, as these will be anonymously graded.

3) After the exam is over, collect the blue books, and the sign-up sheet. Make a photocopy of the sign-up sheet, and keep it somewhere safe so it can be matched easily when grading is complete.

4) Put exams in the box in Butler mail room. Clearly mark them as yours.

5) Each instructor will be given a stack of blue books to give a first-read anonymously.
• A stack of notecards will also be provided—this is where any and all notes, as well as a grade, will be written. Do not write in the blue book.
• You may use +/- as you grade your exams
• Be sure to code your notecard to the number on the blue book.
After the first read is complete, put your notecards in a secure location and swap exams with your partner. Note: the notecards should not be put into the blue books! Keep them with you.

6) Swap exams with your partner and complete second reads.
• Again, write all comments and grades on your notecards, keyed to the blue book.

7) Once second reads are complete, everyone will meet up for third reads. To prepare for this, it is helpful to put your stacks in numerical order. You and your partner will compare the note cards for each exam. If the comments and grades match, a consensus is reached, and that grade is written in pencil on the front of the blue book. Put both notecards inside the exam. If, however, the two grades do not match, place the notecards in the back of the exam to ensure the third read is unbiased.

8) If a third read is required, give the exam to another instructor to grade. When the third read is complete, if any two grades are matching, this is the final grade. This grade will then be written in pencil on the front of the exam book and placed back with its original group of blue books. Occasionally fourth reads are necessary. Put all notecards inside the exam when complete.

9) After all grades have been assigned, it is necessary to match the photocopy of the sign-in sheet kept by the instructor to the book numbers. The blue books, along with the notecards should then find their way back to the instructor of the course. The instructor should set aside the note cards in case a student inquires about their grade. The blue books will then be matched by the instructor to the correct student from their photocopied list, and they can complete midterm and final grades accordingly.

10) While we give deference to grades that the two faculty members agreed on, the instructor of record has final say on what grade the student receives on the exam.

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