Observation Essay

Observation essay (4 pages)

You will write about an experience, site, or place that you either participated in or witnessed/observed. This essay both observes and interprets a site or event related to your class theme. These essays use observed details in support of a theme or thesis. You will analyze specific details of the place, event, or site. To do so, you should ideally visit the place or site you chose at least twice, taking notes on its layout, objects, and inhabitants. In particular, take note of what people do there, how they move through the space, and any other details that seem interesting, revealing, significant, or strange. Some En 101 classes will have a service-learning component related to the class theme that will be a part of this assignment.

Outcomes for EN 101 Observation essay
• Develop flexible strategies, including peer review, for working through the stages of the writing process: generating, revising, editing, and proofreading
• Develop ideas and reasoning in support of a theme or thesis
• Demonstrate basic essay structure: controlling theme or thesis, effective organizational pattern, transitions, successful introduction & conclusion
• Support assertions/ideas with evidence that includes concrete detail while excluding irrelevant (off topic) evidence
• Write clear, grammatically correct English while making effective use of stylistic elements such as active verbs, emphasis, parallelism, etc.

The class may design the grading criteria for this assignment. Here is a sample criteria designed by a previous class:
observation essay criteria

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