Online Discussion Of Pages 3 18 Of Elizabeth Strout Pharmacy

1) write 100 words in answer to the prompt due Friday 1/20 at midnight
Henry thinks back to the first year that Denise worked at the pharmacy as the happiest year of his life. What of that time, do you think, made him so happy? There is no one right answer – there are many possible answers. You will need to support your answer with two pieces of specific evidence. For example, if the question was " Is Olivia Kitteridge is a likable character?", you might answer: “Yes, she is likable because she cares for her family, even if grudgingly. She cooks dinner for Denise and Henry when she clearly doesn’t want to, even serving desert (7). She also smooths over fights with Henry by bringing up conversation topics, like throw up in Jim’s car (9); these topics let Henry know she is no longer mad and that they can move forward.”

2) Post a discussion question by Friday 1/20 at midnight. Sometime before class on Tuesday, answer one of your classmate's questions (try to choose a question not answered or not answered well)
There are two kinds of questions you can post. A question to understand or a question to interpret. A question to understand deals with something in the story’s plot you didn’t follow, something like “Who is Jerry?” A question to interpret deals with trying to understand the message the story is sending, something like “What does Jerry symbolize in the story.”

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