Position Paper On Topic Discovered In Novel

Position Essay on Project III Topic and Research (4-5 pp) 15% of OVERALL COURSE grade

This project asks that you use a collection of sources gathered in Project 3 to describe and support a position essay. Use the primary and secondary sources you collected in Project 3, but add to or subtract from these as needed to formulate and support your position. Be sure to use a handbook to format sources according to MLA format in your bibliography.

The topic for your final essay comes from your Project 3 research. Your objective is to take a research-based position, using 5-7 sources to support your position. This project brings together skills from the preceding projects: literary analysis, thesis development, essay organization, arguing for a position, research, and engagement with sources.

Elements expected in essays:
• Focus on a significant, specific issue that can be effectively analyzed in 5 pages
• Complex, clear thesis statement making an original, insightful claim; clearly developed reasoning throughout
• Engaging and clear topic sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph
• Attention to specific details of texts and sources and how they support topics
• Thoughtful source use: credible sources support position, awareness of how sources relate to each other
• Comprehensiveness and balance: reasonable choice of main points and examples; ability to show their relation to each other; all parts of the essay relate clearly to each other without digressions or generalizations
• Organization and Source Use: logical and smooth progression of position, appropriate transitions connecting ideas, smooth source use
• Editing: the essay is free of major grammatical, mechanical, or spelling errors; correct MLA Works Cited and citation style

Because this is a composition course, participation in the rough draft stages and using sources appropriately & responsibly are necessary to receive a passing grade on Project 4. You will submit a copy of one key source with your final paper, preferably on December 8th, but no later than 5pm December 11th. I also need you to email me a digital copy of your paper for university assessment; your submission will not be considered complete until I have a digital copy of your paper, a hard copy of your paper, and a key source in hard copy.

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