Reading Guide For Chris Anson

Reading Guide for Chris Anson’s “Fraudulent Practices”

Section One “The Reality of Patchwriting” looks at evidence of how writers use sources in the business world.
Do business writers use sources in ways that conform to what you have been taught about source use in EN 101? Have you noticed this in your own research online? What is New Literacy Studies and how does it propose that we address reading and writing practices?

Section two “Distinctiveness to Attribution” argues one reason why the business writers use sources the way they do. And also brings up instances where universities have used sources in ways similar to business writers.
What does trust have to do with it?

Section Three “Credit and Credibility” makes a larger argument about why business and the military and faculty use sources the way they do.
Why do faculty cite sources? When don’t faculty cite sources? Why doesn’t the military cite sources? Why do your professors insist that you cite sources in your writing even though business or military writers find citing sources counterproductive or breaking trust?

Section four “Representations of plagiarism in schooling”argues for changes in how we teach plagiarism to students.
What does Anson want to change?

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