Reading Questions For Diaz Pages 33-50

Reading questions for pages 33-50

students don't need to answer these questions as they read for next class, but these questions can help direct their attention while they read

  • What is Ana like? What do you like about her? What don’t you like about her? What are her flaws?
  • Why do you think Ana likes spending time with Oscar?
  • In the end, is Oscar’s relationship with Ana a positive or a negative for Oscar?
  • Manny gets a lot of space in this section. What does the character of Manny allow the novel to criticize about society in general and/or about this community in New Jersey and/or about Latino culture in general?
  • Oscar tried to change on pages 30-33. Why is it so hard for him to change? All the characters except La Inca want him to change. Do you want him to change – how? Should we want him to change?
  • Do you like Oscar? What do you like about him? What don’t you like about him?
  • Why is Oscar so alone and friendless even in college? Is it him? Is it us?
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