Readings From Jen And Katie

Readings for a Food Theme

Food and Identity

The Long Way Home (Lahiri, The New Yorker
Killing Dinner (Hamiliton, The New Yorker)
I love you but you love meat (Murphy, NYT)
Where Food is God (Fromson, Slate)
Panacea (just the article- not the recipe) (Allison, NYT)
Reclaiming True Grits (just the article- not the recipe) (Terry, The Root)
My Year of Vegetables (Kummer, NYT)
Why are millennials so obsessed with food? (Pinskar)

Food and pesticide safety

Pesticide residues in Foods (Bessin, Univ. Kentucky)
The sunshine state’s pesticide problem (Estabrook, The Atlantic)
The toxins that threaten our brains (Hamblin, The Atlantic)

Food and health
Eating made simple (Nestle, Scientific American)
Taking Local on the road (Kingsolver, San Jose State Univ)
Zombies vs. the joy of canning: Motivation in the productive home (Strauss, Northwest edible life blog)

Food and ideology (politics)
Christian bakers gotta bake, even for gays (Green, The Atlantic)
Fast food chains disproportionately target black children (Khazan, The Atlantic)
Fast food marketing for children disproportionately affects certain communities (Ariz. State Univ.)
Coca cola funds scientists who shift blame for obesity away from bad diets (O’Çonnor, NYT)
Monsanto’s harvest of fear (Barlett & Steele, Vanity Fair)
New app lets user protest Koch brothers, Monsanto and more (O’Connor, Forbes)
Who gets food stamps? White people, mostly (Delaney, Scheller, Huffington Post)
Who uses food stamps? Millions of children (Linn, NBC News)
Republicans eye changes to food stamp program (Tracy, WSJ)
The omnivore’s delusion: Against the agri-intellectuals (AEI website)
Do foodies care about workers (Kohn, Salon)

Food and Crime
The wheels of crime are greased with olive oil (Yager, The Atlantic)
The honey lobby is demanding that the government define honey (Lam, The Atlantic)
2500 tons of the food we eat is fake (Oaklander, Time)
Lamb to the slaughter (Dahl)[fiction]

Unhappy Meals (Pollan, NYT)
Unwrapped: The subtle joys of food packaging (Heller, The Atlantic
The ketchup conundrum (Gladwell, The New Yorker)
How junk food can end obesity (Freedman)

World Hunger
Will organic food fail to feed the world? (Biello, Scientific American)
Attention Whole foods shoppers (Paarlberg, Foreign Policy)

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