Reflect On Your Own Source Use In College Using Readings

Reflection on source use:
1) What did you do last semester in your EN 101 writing-with-sources paper that you want to do differently this semester (or in any previous college assignment that included outside sources)? Consider how where you looked for sources, how you choose sources found sources, how you read sources, how you organized sources, how you decided what sources to include in your paper, how you included the sources in your essay?

2) What do you struggle with the most when writing a college paper that includes outside sources?

3) Chose one of the following writers and discuss how they address the struggle you identified above: Anson, McClure, Perelman, Moore et al. You can’t answer all the below questions, just one or two.
• How do they detail the problem?
• What solution do they offer?
• What explanation do they give for why students struggle with this issue?
• In what ways do they get it wrong (what do they ignore, what do they misunderstand, what false assumptions do they make)

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