Reflection On Your Writing Authority Ussing Reading

Reflect on authority in you writing referencing at least one of the following: Penrose & Geisler, Murray, Ritter
How much do you feel like what YOU have to say about an essay matters (to you, to your reader, to your grade?).

Do you disagree with what your read in classes or in your research. Do you feel like you can register this disagreement in your writing. Name one specific time you disagreed with a source (class source or research source) in your writing. If you can’t think of an instance, why not? Do you not disagree with what you read? Do you not ask yourself whether you agree or disagree? Do you not feel like you can agree or disagree?

How much decision do you have over what you write about and the way you write about it and what you want to say about what you write about?

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