Research Groups Assigned

These groups are for the sharing of resources and ideas. Students may switch groups or form their new groups as their topics change during research. There is no graded component to groupwork in this class.

Group 1: Topic choice and writing
Topic: Impact of freedom of topic on student writing.
• Does an interest in a topic give a student a sense of investment in their paper?
• Does a set group of topics help student more?

Topic: Impact of the structure of the class has on student interest (freedom of topic)
• Does giving students more freedom when it comes to writing help or hinder students interest in the class?
• Does freedom of topic choice benefit their writing skills?

Group 2: plagiarism and role of teacher
Topic: Teacher’s role in student plagiarism
• Why are students motivated to plagiarize?
• What role can a teacher play to minimize plagiarism?

Topic: Teacher responsible for plagiarism.
• Should plagiarism have any limitation?

Topic: Teachers responsibility of students committing plagiarism.
• Do teachers actually do a good job in teaching on how not to plagiarize?
• How effective are teachers teaching about plagiarism?

Group 3: why students plagiarize
Topic: Motivation for plagiarism.
• Why do students lack confidence in their writing?
• What are writing pieces lacking to make students want to plagiarize?

Topic: Motivations for plagiarism.
• How can instructors motivate students to avoid plagiarism and use their own voices?
• What leads students to plagiarize when they know the harsh consequences?

Topic: Motivation for plagiarism.
• What brings students to plagiarize?
• How teachers are affected by plagiarism?

Group 4: The Impact of standardized tests on Student Writing
Topic: Standardized testing
• How are tests reflective of what is taught about writing to students in the classroom?
• Why are there so many SAT review classes and study centers charging extra to become prepared for the test? Why not learned in school?

Topic: The relationship between the flaws of modern writing assessment and writing teaching methods.
• Why are our students taught these incorrect methods?
• How can we improve the standardized writing assessment?

Group 5: Negative Teacher comments
Topic: Teacher comments not encouraging interesting writing.
• Why doesn’t it help?
• What should be done?

Topic: Negative teacher comments.
• Why are there more negative than positive comments?
• How do negative comments help the student as a writer?

Group 6: Instructor impact on student writing (vs. peer review)
Topic: relationships between students and teachers
• How does the relationship between student and teachers impact motivation in class.
• How do negative teacher comments impact student motivation

Topic: The effect of classroom size on students authorship or learning ability.
• Do students benefit in smaller classes in writing?
• Do students in small universities/colleges learn more about writing than big university/colleges?
Topic: Peer editing vs. Teacher editing
• Are peer reviews more useful than teacher’s edits?
• Benefits/disadvantages of each?

Group 7: Group work
Topic: The drawbacks of group work.
• Why is group work not always helpful?
• How could group work be better?

Topic: Group work and individual work ethic OR the effect of teacher comments on student writing

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