Rhetorical Analysis Grading Criteria

Thought out thesis or theme, strong and concise
explicit thesis or theme elaborated on
very specific evidence that displays knowledge
well written and organized
not off topic through entire paper (maybe an idea that could be better shaped)
smooth transitions
advanced diction
variety in sentence structure
not perfect
takes risks that are successful
Substantial revision at the level of content, organization and sentences


thesis is clear but not as much in depth.
not completely focused on thesis, maybe one half paragraph off topic
specific evidence
clear and present transitions
few grammatical mistakes
casual diction
takes risks, some of which are successful
some revision at the level of content, organization and sentences

general thesis
not elaborate thesis
somewhat ineffective or unclear thesis
not enough specifics
kind of direct paper
basic structure (5 paragraph essay)
awkward transitions
ideas not well connected
not focused – a paragraph or more off topic
little variety in sentence structure
noticeable lapses in grammar
little sentence variety
most revision at level of sentences

no thesis
very ineffective or unclear thesis
minimal specifics
no transition
hard to read
little to no revision

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