Themes and Readings

There are several themes to choose from when teaching EN 101: Environment, Local Food, Disability Studies, Art & Ethics, Technology. These themes will have detailed day-to-day class schedules as well as major and minor assignments to help support instructors new to the curriculum (as well as those very familiar with the curriculum).

Readings and textbooks that instructors have used for each theme are listed below. Feel free to add your own readings, but EN 101 readings should mostly consist of newspaper and magazine articles, government documents, trade books, etc. rather than textbooks or academic articles. Marymount database has CQ Researcher, which is a great place to find readings. Also try Films on Demand and Opposing Viewpoints (in addition to the general databases).


Local Food:

  • Winne, Mark. Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the land of Plenty. Boston: Beacon Press (2008).
  • Readings from Jen and Katie

Disability Studies:

Art and Ethics:

Themes for Fall 2017:
21st century manners/civility
Technology and Culture
Mind/body connection
Juman-animal connections
Performing/Acting in the Public Sphere

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