Topics Into Themes

Topics into themes:
In assigned groups of 3, look over the list of topics generated by the class. Choose ones you might be interested in writing about, and then think about what message the book might have about this topic. That message is a theme.

Topic: Sex
Theme: sexual desire is really a desire for acceptance OR sexual desire interferes with connection between people
The above exercise is just to practice generating the kind of themes that might become the thesis of your first paper. To create a theme or thesis for your paper, you will:

1) Choose a topic you are interested in (write topic here)

2) Skim the reading making a list of brief notes with page numbers for whenever the topic comes up. The list will look something like this one for sex:
family approves of young Oscar acting sexual (12-13)
Oscar wrestles with Olga (13)
Oscar kisses third grade girlfriends (14)
Oscar watches Maritza with her boyfriends (18)
(make your list here)

3) Look over list and think about what message the book is sending on this topic. (Write possible working theme here)

4) Draft the paper for instructor conference on Thursday (you may make an outline first or start with a freewrite, but however you write, you will use some items on the list for item #2 as your evidence).

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