Vary Sentence Lengths

A variety of sentence lengths and structures
A variety of sentence lengths and structures are easier on a reader than a string of all short or all long sentences and a string of sentences with the same basic structure. Note that short sentences should be used strategically to emphasize central ideas. You should hear sentence variety when you read your prose aloud.
Notice the difference a variety of sentences lengths and structures can make (example from a student essay)

a. Midnight madness is becoming very popular. It used to be the first to arrive was the first to get in.
Now tickets are given out in a lottery draw. Memorial Coliseum is really small. It can only hold 8,700
fans. There is a need for more seats. Thus Midnight Madness should be moved to Rupp Arena.

b. Midnight madness is becoming so popular that a lottery has replaced the first come first serve method
of ticket distribution. However, this popularity is causing a problem. Memorial Coliseum, with its
8700 seats, is simply too small to accommodate the number of fans interested in this event. Rupp
Arena is the obvious answer.

Revise the following passage creating a variety of sentence structures (example from a student essay)
Pictures go along with the activities included in the brochure. A picture shows a man popping a wheelie on a mountain bike. The picture appeals to all those mountain bikers who aren’t that experienced but are up to a challenge. The picture for kayaking shows a man fishing out on the water. This picture depicts kayaking as easy. The bungy jumping picture also portrays this sometimes dangerous sport as fun. The pictures that the author use look like fun but exclude the dangers of these activities.

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