Writing Resources

General Writing Resources

  • Bedford/St. Martin's Companion Site for A Writer's Reference
  • A Writer's Reference Guide to MLA Citations
  • Bedford/St. Martin's Guide to Documenting Online Sources - MLA Format
  • Merriam Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Artfl Project: Roget'sThesaurus
  • Strunk & White's Elements of Style at Bartleby.com
  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab: Writing and Grammar Guides
  • University of Richmond Writing Center
  • Indispensible Writing Resources - from the Quintessential Careers Website
  • Avoiding Plagiarism - University of California
  • Using Primary Sources on the Web

General Presentation Resources

  • Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Website
  • Guidelines for Oral Presentations - Auburn University
  • Designing Effective Oral Presentations - Rice University
  • Preparing and Delivering Your Presentation - Hampton-Sydney College
  • Virtual Presentation Assistant-University of Kansas

Good Presentation Advice on the Web

  • LifeHacker Presentation Resources

Grammar Guides

  • Common Errors in English: Paul Brian, Washington State University
  • Randall's ESL Lab
  • Grammar Now: Answers to Grammar Questions
  • Online Resources for Writers - University of Maine Writing Center
  • Punctuation Made Simple - Gary Olsen, University of Southern Florida


  • Writing about Literature
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